New leaked video of UFO’s buzzing a US Navy warship

The filmmaker who leaked footage of UFOs swarming a Navy battleship off the coast of California in 2019 has released a pixelated clip of three mysterious lit-up objects flying above the USS Omaha.

The footage, posted by Jeremy Corbell Tuesday evening, was purportedly filmed by military intelligence officials in a restricted warning area off the coast of San Diego on a summer evening, but was met with skepticism on social media by some who panned the quality of the blurry video and said it appeared the objects had FAA-compliant strobe lights.

Corbell, whose previous clips of unidentified aerial phenomena have been confirmed by defense officials, and influenced a long awaited but underwhelming government report on UFOs released last week, said he believes the bright objects or their operators were “unconcerned” about the warship and “WANTED to be seen and recorded.”

“What that suggests, I could only speculate… however, these objects have been conclusively determined by our Department of Defense to NOT be owned or operated by the U.S. or our allied entities,” he wrote.

Although only three objects are seen in the 48-second unclassified clip, Corbell contends that a Navy VIPER team witnessed at least 14 UFOs of at least 6 feet in diameter traveling at speeds of up to 158 mph for about an hour on July 15, 2019.

The footage was aired on a TMZ special about the recent government report Tuesday night, but reaction from social media users was far from transcendental.

“I’m a true UFO enthusiast and believer and I gotta say, this video is not very compelling…..these look like they could be man made technology, there was no hypersonic speed or erratic movements,” one observer noted.

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Some said they believed that any additional evidence provided by the filmmaker could help find the real truth behind the array of puzzling objects recorded by the military.

“While the footage may on the surface look underwhelming, the corresponding evidence that corroborates the event may shine a different light on what is shown. Looking forward to a further breakdown with additional evidence,” one person tweeted.

In April, conspiracy theorist debunker Mick West told The Post there were plausible explanations for the mysterious pyramid-shaped objects seen in leaked 2019 Navy footage released by Corbell, who made the documentary “Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers.”

“What we’ve got to go with here is the simplest explanation and really the simplest explanation is that it’s just a plane. It moves like a plane, it acts like a plane,” West said.

However ex-Pentagon official and whistleblower Luis Elizondo told The Post that objects recorded turning on a dime at 43,200 mph and submerging underwater could not have been produced by humans.

“When you see that, you recognize you are dealing with a technology more advanced than ours,” Elizondo said in April, theorizing that the feds covered up UFOs because of fears of inciting public panic and tarnishing the government’s reputation.

“This is explosive information,” Corbell told Fox News of his footage that month. “This is probably the best UFO military-filmed footage certainly that I’ve ever seen, but I think also that the world has ever seen.”

The government’s much-hyped nine-page UFO document studied 140 mysterious objects seen by the military since 2004 and found there was no “single explanation” for the sightings, which it said possibly posed a national security risk.

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The lack of “high-quality reporting … hampers our ability to draw firm conclusions about the nature or intent” of the unidentified objects, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence wrote.

On Tuesday, Corbell told TMZ you can “bet your bottom dollar” the government knows more than the report led on.

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Source: New York Post


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