New Haunted House Ride Set To Terrify Guests At Alton Towers

The countdown to The Curse at Alton Manor has begun, are you ready to face your fears? The haunting dark ride will be inviting you inside, but beware, as you enter the cursed manor, your fate will be sealed, as a part of you will be trapped in its twisted and haunted halls, forever.

Alton Towers has announce the upcoming opening of The Curse at Alton Manor, a new sinister twist on their iconic and much-loved haunted house favourite. The new ride will take brave visitors on a hair-raising journey through the twisted and cursed halls of the haunted manor, and promises to be the Staffordshire attraction’s most immersive dark ride to date.

The chilling new attraction, will open its doors to the unsuspecting public at Alton Towers this spring. It is the first major ride to be unveiled at the park since 2018. The Curse at Alton Manor will replace Duel, which closed abruptly to the public in 2022 under mysterious circumstances, when signs appeared telling park-goers that the house had been “repossessed” and the manor was boarded up, as work started on this new more sinister iteration. At the time, signs were put up which read, “Property repossessed. Strictly no unwanted visitors. Due to unnatural displays in the area.”

The ride was first opened in 1992 as The Haunted House, it used to be Europe’s largest ghost train. By 2003, the attraction had been overhauled and rebranded as Duel, which featured laser guns. But in August, the park started to give hints that something even creepier was coming.

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A poster for the new ride shared by the attraction shows terrified riders surrounded by unsettling images of ghostly apparitions, creepy dolls and giant spiders.

The Curse will thrust riders deeper into the manor’s sinister past than ever before, as they face terrifying special effects and visuals, the likes of which have never before been seen in the UK. Park bosses have yet to confirm the exact opening date, but they promise it will be in the spring. They also remain tight-lipped about the theme of the ride, but one thing is for sure, it will be their most immersive and terrifying experience yet.

The creators of The Curse at Alton Manor have found new ways to scare and surprise fans. Kate McBirnie, head of product excellence at Alton Towers, says “Let the countdown begin. The Curse at Alton Manor is no ordinary dark ride. It has all the components of a supernatural tale – it’s dark, compelling, and promises some thrilling and scary moments along the way. Fans of eerie rides will certainly appreciate this one.”

More details on The Curse at Alton Manor will be revealed next month. Are you ready to face your fears and brave the curse of the abandoned manor?

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