Negative Rh Factor: Proof of Extraterrestrial Origin?

People with Rh negative blood are said to have an out-of-this-world genetic trait and may be the descendants of a human-ET hybrid.

According to the Theory of Evolution, humans and great apes have the same origin, and therefore our blood must have evolved in the same way. With the exception of humans, this is true for all primates.

Rh positive blood can be found in all primate species, while Rh negative blood cannot be found in the wild. Humans are the only living creatures on earth with an Rh-negative blood type.

This raises the question of whether the Rh negative blood type is of alien origin or the result of a random mutation that occurred at some unknown period in human evolution. However, before we move on, it’s important to understand what we mean when we talk about blood types.

Blood types

Blood is made up of red and white blood cells, as well as platelets, which are present in liquid plasma. Your blood contains antibodies and antigens that, when recognized, can tell us what kind of blood you have.

Antibodies help in our defense by alerting our immune system to destroy infections and foreign bodies, while antigens are present on the surface of red blood cells.

An antigen is any foreign material that causes the body to produce antibodies in response to an attack by the immune system. Since we all have certain antigens in our blood, only blood with the same antigens as ours can be used for transfusions, and they are represented by four blood groups: O, A, B, and AB.

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Each of these groups can be Rh positive or Rh negative, in addition to the presence of antibodies and antigens. The Rh factor in our blood is named after the rhesus monkey, which, like all other primates, contains only the positive factor, although there is a tiny part of the population with a peculiar oddity.

Only about 15% of the world’s population are Rh-negative carriers, and this number is unevenly distributed across the globe.

According to the traditional story, people left Africa around 200,000 years ago and scattered around the world. So, as the DNA data shows, modern humans are descended from the earliest Africans, but it also provides important information about people who are Rh negative.

According to research, purebred Africans who have not interacted with other mixed races do not have an Rh negative blood type, and only about 3% of African tribes who have interacted with Europeans or Asians have this genetic signature. This number is significantly lower in Asia, where only approximately 1% of the population has this unusual blood type.

The gene that causes Rh negative is most common in Caucasians, with the highest concentration found in the Basque region of the Iberian Peninsula between France and Spain, where up to 40% of the population is Rh negative, and this is not the only distinguishing feature.

Basque people

The Basques are the only people in Western Europe who speak Euskara, a native language that is not spoken anywhere else in Europe and on the globe.

This language is a mystery; it has no connection to other languages ​​and its origin is unknown, leading some to speculate about a possible connection to an otherworldly group that may have inhabited the area in the distant past.

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“No one knows where language came from; researchers have been studying it for years, but no definite conclusions have been reached,” says Pello Salaburu, professor and head of the Institute of the Basque Language at the University of the Basque Country in Bilbao.

A more mundane reason for the homogeneity of the Basque people is that early farmers interacted with neighboring hunters at the start of the agricultural revolution before being isolated for thousands of years, retaining their language and genetics.


Anunnaki or Nephilim?

Another belief is that Rh negative blood types are caused by the Nephilim who are mentioned in the Bible. The Nephilim, also known as the Watchers in the Book of Enoch, descended from heaven and married humans, giving birth to huge human/angel hybrids.

The Great Flood would have wiped out this group of angels and their descendants, though some would have survived, leaving a distinct Rh negative blood line.

Some of the unusually shaped elongated paracas skulls found in South America had red hair in an area where this hair color is atypical. The red hair gene originated in the Middle East and Europe, and some experts, such as L. A. Marzulli, believe that these red skulls are related to the Nephilim.

It is said that the Anunnaki, an extraterrestrial race that helped create the ancient Mesopotamian civilizations, combined their own extraterrestrial genes with those of more advanced primates that lived on Earth, creating a new species of creatures of great strength and size. Some have speculated that the Rh-negative blood type may have originated somewhere during this process.

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Characteristics of a negative Rh factor

Rh-negative people have lower body temperature and high blood pressure, as well as stunning blue, green, or brown eyes and red or brown hair, and their senses of sight, hearing, and smell are more sensitive, especially to sunlight.

Many people with Rh negative blood are born with extra ribs or vertebrae at the base of the spine, sometimes referred to as an “extra tail”, referring to reptilian qualities.

These people also have above average intelligence, a high level of empathy for others, and often experience inexplicable phenomena such as heightened intuition and psychic abilities, sometimes accompanied by feelings of strangeness or out of place.

Researchers have also found a significant percentage of Rh-negative blood types among people who claim to have been directly or indirectly contacted by aliens, which some experts say is an additional indication that this blood type may be of alien origin.


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