Mysterious Arrow-UFO Spotted in Argentina Sky

A mysterious arrow-shaped UFO has been spotted over Argentina. Photographs taken near the town of El Escorial, Chubut show a supposed alien craft hovering vertically and horizontally over the plains of Patagonia.

Journalist Calaverita Mateos shared the images on social media with the message: “The best photos of a UFO in Chubut.”

He added: “Photos sent to me by a local resident who asked not to be identified.”

Some viewers suggested that the object was a meteor, a rocket, a drone, or a secret military aircraft. Others said it was an alien spacecraft or a sign of the end times.

However, none of these explanations seem to fit the characteristics of the object, which did not leave any smoke or sound behind. It also did not change its speed or direction, and did not show any signs of propulsion or wings.

According to experts, the object could be a rare atmospheric phenomenon known as a sun dog or a parhelion. This occurs when sunlight is refracted by ice crystals in the air, creating bright spots or arcs around the sun. Sometimes, these spots can appear as elongated shapes that resemble arrows.

However, this theory is not conclusive, as sun dogs usually appear near the sun and are symmetrical. The object in the photo was far from the sun and had an asymmetrical shape. Moreover, sun dogs are usually seen in cold regions, not in Argentina.

Local residents expect the photographs to be seriously analyzed by experts to confirm or deny their authenticity. Authorities promise to assemble a team of experts to conduct a detailed study and provide updates on the matter.

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Therefore, the mystery of the arrow UFO remains unsolved, and it is up to each viewer to decide what they think it is.

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