‘My Ghost Hunting Movie’ Takes Home Six Gold Awards At The Fortean Film Festival

‘My Ghost Hunting Movie,’ directed by Steve Higgins, won six gold awards at this year’s Fortean Film Festival. The festival, held on 8th October 2023 at Sherborne Cinema in Gloucestershire, is in its third year and serves as a platform for films and documentaries focusing on the paranormal, the supernatural, and the bizarre.

Now in its third year, the Fortean Film Festival serves as an important incubator for fresh voices and perspectives within the fields of paranormal and supernatural cinema. A wide range of films from around the globe compete, sharing the stage with industry veterans and newcomers alike.

‘My Ghost Hunting Movie’ received awards in multiple categories including Best Documentary (Feature), Best Trailer, Best Paranormal Investigation Film, Best Reality/Based On A True Story Film, and Best Ghost Film. Additionally, Steve was individually honoured with a gold ‘Best First-Time Filmmaker’ award for his directorial debut.

The win comes in the week that the film was made available on PARAFlixx paranormal+, a dedicated streaming service catering to enthusiasts of the eerie and unexplained. The platform included the film as part of its third annual HALLOFlixx programming, giving it a much-deserved spotlight in the streaming universe.

The film has been met with mostly positive reviews, having been described as “bloody entertaining and very brave,” and labelled “an absolute triumph and a whole lot of fun.” Some have even noted its “superb, frank investigation,” which is “told in a highly entertaining way.” Others appreciated the “really good mix of investigating techniques,” making for an intriguing watch. However, it hasn’t escaped criticism. One critic, for instance, wrote that the film represents “another step in the wrong direction for paranormal investigation.”

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Steve Higgins, the brains behind Higgypop, directed ‘My Ghost Hunting Movie’ as a skeptic looking to provide a balanced approach to ghost hunting. The film documents Steve’s solo investigation of the Ancient Ram Inn in Gloucestershire. Known for its eerie history and chilling reputation, the site has been a subject of intrigue for paranormal enthusiasts for years. However, Steve’s approach is distinctly different, his skepticism serves as a filter, helping him question narratives without readily subscribing to them.

The film includes a series of nine distinct experiments, including an impromptu DJ set, designed to provoke an atmospheric shift within the inn. These innovative methods represent Steve’s broader perspective on ghost hunting, advocating for a departure from sensationalist drama towards more authentic and thoughtful investigations. Despite being a skeptic, Steve did experience moments during the film that defied straightforward explanation, further cementing the complexity of the subject matter he was dealing with.

What sets ‘My Ghost Hunting Movie’ apart is not its validation of supernatural occurrences, but rather its balanced, innovative take on investigative techniques. Steve’s win at the Fortean Film Festival may inspire other paranormal content creators to embrace new methodologies and approaches. His work encourages viewers and investigators to take a more nuanced, respectful view of the phenomena reported, lending credibility to a field that often flirts with sensationalism.

Steve was in good company in the Best Documentary (Feature) category at Fortean Film Festival with several entries picking a coveted platinum award, including ‘Accidental Truth: UFO Revelations’, ‘Lions, Bones & Bullets’, ‘Weird Britain’, ‘Paranormal Adventures: Ghostly Voices’, ‘Wild Wil’s Philippine Adventure’, and awards for two of Jason Kenzie’s ‘Searching For Sasquatch’ documentaries.

‘My Ghost Hunting Movie’ is available to steam on demand exclusively on PARAFlixx paranormal+ as part of the streamer’s third annual HALLOFlixx programming event. You can find out more and sign up with a three-day free trial now at

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