Multiple sightings of a UFO over Cornwall is filmed and shared all over Social Media

A strange UFO has been witnessed and filmed by many people living in and around various areas of Cornwall, UK.

The UFO which looks like a smokey transparent object was spotted flying over Truro city center, Carluddon clay tip, Fistral beach in Newquay, over Roche Rock, over the A30 road and even by a surfer over the sea just off the coast.

The first person to see the UFO was surfer Kiefer Krishnan who accidentally caught it on his go-pro camera while doing a spot of surfing. As soon as he noticed it in the video he posted it to is Instagram account on Monday.


Harry Wild who works in food marketing shared his video of the UFO on Twitter after he spotted it flying over Fistral Beach.


Photographer Shayne House filmed the UFO over the A30 road and posted it on Twitter


Trudi from Kent shared her video of the UFO on to instagram, this time it was flying over Roche Rock.


Another sighting was by Steph who filmed the UFO over Truro centre while she was on her way to a hair appointment. She shared her sighting into Twitter


And also there was Dan Goodwin who spotted the UFO over clay tip, St Austell.


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All these sightings happened over two days but no one has come forward to say if it was a hoax or with any other explanation.

Some suggestions are that it could be a swarm of bees or flies.

The Eden Project which is close by in Cornwall does have a space attraction launching this week, so could this be a hoax by them? .. who knows

What do you think?



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