Mark Zuckerberg is building an Apocalypse-proof bunker

The founder of Facebook is investing in his future by building a $100 million doomsday complex in Hawaii. Mark Zuckerberg takes a unique approach to ensuring safety and comfort in the event of global change and creates his own island reserve bunker.

According to the project, the complex will be located on the island of Kauai and will include several buildings, including two main mansions, connected by a tunnel that leads to a huge underground bunker covering an area of ​​5 thousand square feet.

This bunker will be equipped with an escape hatch and a blast-proof door, providing a safe haven in the event of a disaster, reports

Additional amenities include no less than 30 bedrooms and 30 bathrooms, guest houses, and a unique group of 11 “disc-shaped” tree houses connected by rope bridges.

Upon completion of the project, the complex will also include a six-metre high and 18-metre diameter water tank, as well as 1,400 acres of agricultural land, providing food and energy independence.

Construction on Zuckerberg’s compound, called Koolau Ranch, is estimated to cost around $100 million; coupled with the $170 million spent on the land for the property, the total price tag sits around $270 million, though that’s likely still an underestimate, according to Wired.

Zuckerberg’s not the first tech titan to build a home ready for the end of the world. Very rich people are rapidly preparing for something.

OpenAI’s ousted-and-reinstated CEO Sam Altman has a stash of things like guns, gold, antibiotics, and gas masks.

Reddit CEO Steve Huffman bought motorcycles, guns, and ammo to be prepared to “hole up in my house for some amount of time” if necessary and even got laser eye surgery because he thinks it’d help his odds of survival in a disaster.

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LinkedIn cofounder Reid Hoffman once told the New Yorker he estimates more than half of Silicon Valley billionaires have invested in some type of “apocalypse insurance,” like an underground bunker.

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