Live Halloween ghost hunting video streams


Happy Halloween!

There should be a good few Halloween night live ghost hunting streams this year. To help you choose who you would like to follow I will add live streams to this post.

If you have a live stream this Halloween and would like to share please get in touch with the link and I will post on this page.

Most Haunted Live

This year Most Haunted team are live from the Botanic Museum in Southport UK


Haunted Scouse At Woolton Hall

Chris and Adam from Haunted Scouse investigate the infamous Woolton Hall in Liverpool UK


The Ouija Brothers at Englefield Hall

Ste and Griff are at the infamous Englefield Hall in Berkshire UK.  Its the final part of their three day event. You can catch up on their previous two days of investigations at other locations on their YouTube channel.


Alan Robson’s Night Owls at Chillingham Castle

Alan Robson, Host of Night Owls radio show is at the famous Chillingham Castle in Northumberland UK. Chillingham Castle is known to be the most haunted castle in Britain


Ghosts of Britain

Lee and Linzi have been on a week long event investigating several haunted locations. The final event on this Halloween night is live from a very haunted location in the historic city of York UK.

You can catch up and follow them on Facebook. I will post the video when they go live on their facebook page.


Ghost Adventures of Cornwall

Ghost Adventures of Cornwall live investigation of an abandoned building.

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Paranormal Hauntings Halloween Special at 3 locations

Paranormal Hauntings are investigating 3 locations in on night, including the Swan Hotel in Stafford UK. The hotel is sits on what was once a witches drowning pool. A room in the hotel is said to be haunted by a bride.


Hevenly Helen

Investigating their own 15 century Tudor building in Stafford UK


Dark Arts TV Halloween Special

Join the team as they investigate a haunted Asylum.


Jeff City Paranormal Live Halloween Virtual Ghost Hunt at Lemp Mansion

Jeff City Paranormal are live from Lemp Mansion in St Loui, Missouri. They will go live at 9pm central time on their Facebook page


Travel Channel Haunted Hangout

An exclusive overnight Halloween live stream from Brushy Mountain State Penitentiary in Tennessee US.


Sean Austin Music and Paranormal Investigation

A live investigation from the Wildwood Sanitarium in New York US





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