LISTEN: Steve Higgins’ Supernatural Set At The Ancient Ram Inn

In an unconventional move during the filming of his paranormal documentary ‘My Ghost Hunting Movie’, Steve Higgins conducted a unique experiment at the notoriously haunted Ancient Ram Inn in Wotton-under-Edge, Gloucestershire.

Spending the night alone in this Grade II* listed former pub, Steve decided to host a mini DJ set, playing a selection of tracks in an attempt to engage with the spirits that are said to haunt the historic building and now you can listen to the set in full.

The Ancient Ram Inn, known for its rich history and numerous ghostly tales, provided the eerie backdrop for this unusual experiment. The chosen room for the DJ set was the Beaufort Room, now dubbed the Witch’s Room in honour of its reputed spectral inhabitant. With its stone walls, fireplace, and wooden beams, the room exuded an air of mystery, making it an ideal location for Steve’ paranormal party.

The 25-minute mix featured an eclectic blend of tunes, carefully curated to liven up the atmosphere and potentially evoke otherworldly responses. It featured a selection of tracks that were thoughtfully chosen to resonate with the spirits and spark their interest. The mix included the following songs:

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Steve’ decision to DJ for the spirits stemmed from a desire to create a unique and potentially engaging experience. He acknowledged that traditional ghost-hunting methods might not be the most inspiring for otherworldly beings and saw this experiment as an opportunity to bring a different energy into the ancient inn. Rather than seeking definitive proof of the paranormal, he aimed to have a personal encounter that could foster a deeper connection with the haunted location.

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Before embarking on his spectral set, Steve consulted with fellow paranormal experts to gain insights into the potential impact of music on ghostly entities. Charlene Lowe Kemp from Paranormal Hauntings supported the idea, suggesting that the energy from the DJ equipment, music, and atmosphere could trigger activity. Barry Dodds from ‘The ParaPod’ also endorsed the concept, recommending uplifting house music to raise the energy.

During the set, Steve set up a small DJ deck on a large table adorned with a permanent Ouija board and added disco lights to the Beaufort Room. As he played the tracks, he called out encouraging messages to the spirits, inviting them to join in the impromptu party. He humorously welcomed both the living and the dead and playfully requested any music preferences from the other side.

Steve daring DJ experiment at the Ancient Ram Inn provided a refreshing and unconventional approach to paranormal investigation. While some skeptics may question the methodology, Steve maintained that his objective was not to provide concrete evidence but to connect with the ethereal realm on a personal level. Whether the spirits were amused, intrigued, or simply indifferent to the musical affair remains a mystery. Still, this mini DJ set will be remembered as a memorable chapter in the quest to understand the supernatural and the haunted tales of the Ancient Ram Inn.

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