Large dark creature attacked a man, but he was found guilty

Have you ever wondered if Bigfoot is real? Bigfoot, also known as Sasquatch, is a large, hairy, ape-like creature that some people claim to have seen in the forests of North America.

Bigfoot is one of the most famous cryptids, or animals whose existence is not confirmed by science. But what if Bigfoot is not just a legend, but a dangerous predator that can attack humans?

Here’s what plausibly happened to a man named Michael Savage. Although the man did not mention Bigfoot, his story is very interesting.

Michael says he was walking on the road at 4 A.M. when a large, dark animal with coarse hair grabbed him, lifted him up, and scratched his stomach. He fought back with his knife and escaped with 132 stitches.

He said he was able to use his knife to stick the beast a few times but that’s when it scratched him on his stomach.

However, the police say there was no blood or evidence of an animal attack at the scene. Additionally, the authorities say the man’s wounds are inconsistent with animal attacks and lack defensive wounds or bite marks whereas victims of bear attacks will have bite marks on their hands, arms, and back as they try to fight it off – but technically the man never said it was a bear.

Some people believe he was attacked by a bigfoot. Bigfoot attacks are usually associated with displays of strength or lacerations, not bite marks.

The man did end up pleading guilty to felony charges of false reporting, but if he was attacked by bigfoot would he have been able to convince a court of law?

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