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Jack Osbourne has a new three part series on Discovery+ that premiered on Sunday October 2nd, Jack Osbourne’s Haunted Homecoming.

In this mini series Jack returns home to some of his childhood haunts in Buckinhamshire UK, to investigate and unearth the secrets behind the history and folklore of the spooky locations of which he visited has a child and places where he even experienced the paranormal himself. He is joined by paranormal investigator Kate Cherrell who is known for her expertise in 19th Century Gothic spiritualism and spiritualism in literature.

In the first episode Jack returns to his childhood home, Welders House, to investigate and validate the strange events and experiences that he encountered while growing up in the house and which influenced him to the fascination of the paranormal.

Welders house was built in 1899 for the political Charles Thomson Ritchie by his son in law Mervyn McCartney, it was later used as a home for ‘women with mild nervous maladies’ and then later again it was loaned to the Home Office for Army Nurses.

In the episode Jack confesses that he often got scared in the house when he was by himself, feeling uneasy in certain rooms and seeing a dark shadow on the stairs landing. He also tells that he and his sister Kelly had a scary experience when they where home alone as kids while both off school due to illness.

Jack said “The floorboards on the landing make a very distinct sound and we heard someone walking along it. The footsteps were very heavy-footed it sounded like a man and the footsteps were walking towards the room Kelly and I were in, and whatever was making those footsteps was rattling the cupboard doors along the corridor.”

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We thought it was a burglar and were so scared I shut the door and locked it, then we called our mum to tell her someone was in the house. She didn’t think that was possible because the alarms would have sounded if someone had broken in. We were so convinced these footsteps were coming for us we opened the window and thought about jumping.”

During his investigation Jack is also joined by pyshic meduim Ryan Griffiths who does a sweep of the house and confirms and picks up on a good few things that Jack had experienced in the house.

In all its an enjoyable and enthralling episode and I would recommend watching it. Some of the evidence captured is quite good. I’m looking forward to seeing what the second episode brings when it is released if this first one is anything to go by.

Jack Osbourne’s Haunted Homecoming is available to watch now on Discovery+


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