It was snowing on Mars 500,000 years ago

Science continues to unravel the mysteries of Mars, and recently China’s Zhurong rover helped scientists discover fresh traces of water on the Red Planet.

The surface of small stepped dunes has preserved traces of moisture that can be dated to between 1.4 million and 400 thousand years ago. Scientists suggest that this moisture could have been brought from the polar regions in the form of snow no more than half a million years ago.

This new data opens up the possibility of a deeper understanding of the history of Mars and its potential to support life. Traces of the presence of water on Mars are numerous and reliable, indicating that the planet was full of moisture in the distant past.

However, the loss of the atmosphere and global climate change have made Mars the current icy desert.

The Zhurong rover continues to explore Mars and discover new data. Working on the Utopia Plain, the rover examined small stepped dunes and found that they were covered with a crust composed of sulfates, silicates, chlorides, iron oxides and other minerals associated with water exposure.

This new data opens up new avenues for exploring Mars and its life-sustaining potential. Scientists continue to analyze the collected data to better understand what resources are available on the Red Planet and how they can be used for future missions.

The Chinese rover Zhurong has become one of the key elements in this study, and its work continues even if it is now in “sleep” mode due to dust on its solar panels.

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