In Argentina, a woman walked into a voting booth and disappeared without a trace

A week ago, a primaries was held in Argentina to elect the president, but in the city of Rawson, the most discussed event was not its results, but a strange incident at one of the polling stations.

It happened when an elderly woman with completely gray hair came to the polling station opened at Escuela 14 de Febrero School, Department of San Juan, local media reports.

She walked over to table 698, put down her ID card, and then retired to one of the booths with the ballot box. A minute passed, another, but the woman did not leave the booth.

In the meantime, other voters had approached and a small queue had already formed. People began to grumble and ask the authorities to check what was happening in the booth.

A group of military men watched how the elections were held at each polling station, and after people complained, they went into the voting booth.

Desk 698 staff talk about the disappearance of a mysterious elderly woman

To everyone’s surprise, they found it completely empty. The woman seemed to have vanished. And when those who were sitting at table No. 698 began to look for her ID, they could not find it, it also mysteriously disappeared.

Many people saw the gray-haired old woman enter the booth, but no one saw her get out of it, and even more so, no one saw her come to the table to collect her documents.

People began to speculate that the woman might be a ghost, and the head of this precinct even said that magic might have been involved or the old woman might have been a witch.

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A version was also named that it was the spirit of a deceased teacher or a resident of one of the nearby houses and that she simply wanted to fulfill “her duty as a citizen” by coming to the vote.

To all the skeptics, the head of the station said “think what you want” and added that both ordinary people and the military became eyewitnesses of this incident.

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