“I think this girl has some sort of force”

The photographer who filmed Janet Hodgson appearing to ‘levitate’ from her bed refutes ever suggesting that she merely ‘jumped.’

Few paranormal cases have garnered as much debate as the Enfield poltergeist, a series of eerie supernatural events that unfolded from 1977 to 1979 in the residence of Peggy Hodgson, a mother of four living in Enfield, London.

During this 18-month period, the unexplained disturbances within the house evolved from furniture shaking to objects being hurled about, loud knocking sounds, and, most disturbingly, the alleged possession of 11-year-old Janet, one of Hodgson’s four children.

Numerous individuals, including multiple police officers, bore witness to these occurrences.

Distinguished researcher Maurice Grosse from the Society for Psychical Research devoted considerable time to observing and documenting the poltergeist activity in the house.

Photographer Graham Morris captured Janet Hodgson appearing to ‘levitate’ in the bedroom of her council home in Green Street, Enfield, as her siblings cower in their beds. Credit: Graham Morris

Photographer Graham Morris was assigned the task of capturing photographic evidence of these phenomena.

Now, Morris, renowned for his most iconic images from the case that depicted Janet Hodgson apparently ‘levitating’ from her bed under the influence of an unseen force, emphatically disavows ever asserting that she ‘merely jumped.’ He maintains that some form of paranormal force was behind this inexplicable phenomenon.

“There is no way she was doing this for fun,” he said.

“You have got to be mad to actually want to do something like that. It was a completely darkened room. If it were the case she were jumping she’d be launching herself at a brick wall or a door in pitch black.”

Morris maintains that he does not believe in the existence of ghosts, but that some sort of paranormal power possessed by Janet herself was the most likely culprit.

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“I think this girl has some sort of force,” he said.

“She is desperate to get this… whatever it is. This energy, this power, whatever she has, across and out to communicate with people. And it’s coming out in different ways in a sort of force.”

“Like a kinetic energy where things are shifting around.”

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