Huge UFO caught hovering over India. Call Will Smith!

Look out!  Aliens may be planning an invasion of Earth as a huge see-through UFO has been spotted hover over Manipur, India.

Some boys from a students hostel at Mantripukhri of Manipur’s capital city Imphal saw this massive transparent looking round craft hovering above them on Wednesday afternoon around 1:30pm.


Some media groups in India are saying that the photo must be genuine and not photoshopped because it can be seen above residential buildings and a person can be seen pointing at the object and also that a rainbow can be seen in the background.

That MUST be definite proof then 😉


Now I maybe wrong but this photo reminded me of a little known movie from 1996 called Independence day. Remember that film? starring someone called Will Smith.




Ah yes that’s what their photo reminded me of.  It looks like the boys who “photographed” this UFO have been watching Independence day and found out how to use Photoshop.

Now if this story gets picked up and published by other newspapers around the world, they must realise its total BS.

Nice try but not good enough!




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