Hayden Cemetery

I wouldn’t exactly label myself a ghost hunter by trade. It’s not something I do actively. Although, I never miss out on a chance to visit haunted places, which sometimes include cemeteries. I’m fortunate that I have a local cemetery that checks all the scares most ghost venturers seek on their adventures.

Hayden Cemetary is a quaint cemetery in the small town of Drakesboro, KY. It may be hard to discover using a map service, with it only showing the coordinates Cr-1005 when you search. If you follow those exact coordinates, this will lead you to the cemetery. If using Google’s Street View, you can take a peek at what it looks like. However, the images they possess are rather old now. Although somewhat similar in appearance, some headstones have been damaged or fallen over. The cemetery is secluded at the end of a long road, which is noticeable on the map.

A trip during the daytime hours makes it seem peaceful and serene. However, this all changes when visiting during the night-time hours. You feel as though you’re not alone and cautiously waiting for something to jump out arriving toward the cemetery.

The cemetery is oddly enough shaped within a round circle. Surrounded by a worn gravelled path that lets you drive around the whole cemetery. You’re able to get a complete view of all the headstones and graves that make up the cemetery. It’s centered in the middle of a densely wooded area, where nothing but weeds and trees engulf it. This amps up the creep factor at night.

You’re probably wondering, is this place actually haunted? For myself personally, that would be a yes. Out of the handful of times I have visited this location, it has always been active. I have been to cemeteries that appeared scary, but nothing ever occurred. This place is completely different. The atmosphere is sparked with activity that will trigger your senses of touch, seeing, and hearing. (This experience may vary for everyone.)

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Pull out a recorder to capture EVPs and you might be surprised at what you’ll capture. I have included a couple of recordings I did from visits to this cemetery. The sound clips were cut from the recordings, where unintelligible sounds were discovered.

Due to the cold weather, you can hear me say with chattering teeth. “I feel so weird in this spot”. There is a response that sounds male, but I could not make out what is being said. Standing in a particular spot in the cemetery, I felt like I was being watched when this was recorded.

I’m sitting inside the car, asking questions as I record. If you listen closely while I’m asking, “What did you die from”, you can hear a faint giggle that sounds like a child. There were no children present. The only people accounted for were me and my sister. Neither of us have kids. This isn’t a place I would bring any children to at night.

You can clearly hear me talking to my sister as we are sitting up equipment we brought with us. We sat some stuff in different areas and let it run as we warmed up some inside the car. As I’m saying, “I don’t want to sit it too far and we can’t see it. I want it to sit on something level”, you can clearly hear a child’s voice say “Hi”. Before I say, “I hate doing this. I’m afraid I’m going to see something”.

The reason for me saying, “I hate doing this. I’m afraid I’m going to see something”. We had been to this location before, and I expected anything to happen. I also consider myself as someone who is “keen” to the unknown. As much as I like to prepare myself, I know things will sometimes happen that are out of my control. I was bracing myself for the unpredictable.

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  1. If making plans to visit the cemetery, please contact the local authorities before your trip. You can call and get permission. They might ask for the day you plan on being there, in case they patrol that area. Which is something they do off and on, but not regularly.
  2. Do NOT go alone! This applies to both day and night. It’s in a secluded area. There is nothing else around you but woods. I wouldn’t want anyone to have an incident happen and cannot inquire for help. Police do patrol this cemetery, but it’s rare. At night, you can often hear the howls of coyotes. They do sound like they’re close by when you’re there. I have encountered none during my visits. Always proceed with caution in the spots you’re investigating there.
  3. The cemetery is pitch black at night. It’s bearable on a night with a full moon, but still somewhat hard to navigate. I recommend bringing plenty of flashlights, lanterns, etc. to guide you around. There is a mixture of large and small graves in the cemetery. Along with it not being properly maintained regularly. It’s very easy to trip over small graves, branches and rocks during nighttime.

If you decide to visit this cemetery, please be respectful of where you are. Take heed of the warning recommendations I shared. I want everyone that comes to this cemetery to catch some spooktacular stuff, but want you to be careful in return. Happy Haunting!



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