Haunted Cyfarthfa Castle: Bogeymen In Merthyr Tydfil

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Spirits of a bygone era linger through the haunted halls of Cyfarthfa Castle in Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales

Cyfarthfa Castle, Merthyr Tydfil

Cyfarthfa Castle, an emblem of grandeur from the 19th century, has more to it than just its magnificent architecture and a storied history. As one delves deeper, eerie tales of the paranormal emerge from its impresive stone walls.

Built in 1824 by the vision of William Crawshay II, the castle stands proudly, overlooking the Cyfarthfa Ironworks.

The epitome of luxury of its era, the castle was more than just a residence for the ironmaster and his family.

With its 15 towers and 72 rooms, this grand mansion bore witness to significant historical events and influential personalities, including Rose Mary Crawshay and a collection of more than 22,500 bottles of spirits of the alcoholic variety.

Purchased by the local council in 1908, Cyfarthfa Castle later served as a school and now hosts a museum.

The castle has also seen famed artists like Donny Osmond and Status Quo grace its grounds with performances.

But beyond these events, there’s a more sinister tale buried within its walls.

Haunting of Cyfarthfa Castle

The spectral figure of William Crawshay, infamously known as The Iron King, is said to roam the halls.

Stories paint a chilling picture of him being buried upside down, a final attempt to confine his evil spirit.

His haunting presence around the castle is just one element of the supernatural activity here.

In the bowels of the castle, a seemingly innocuous Chinese vase was found to have a dark past.

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Believed to have once collected the severed heads of rebels from the Boxer Rebellion, it invokes feelings of unease and a sense of plummeting dread to anyone near it.

Unexplained footsteps, objects moving mysteriously, an unsettling feeling of being observed, and cold spots have all been reported. Visitors and staff have often spoken of a pervasive aura of the supernatural.

The tale of John Lloyd, one of the estate’s gamekeepers, further deepens the castle’s haunted reputation.

Following the mysterious disappearance of his wife, many believed that he was the culprit, with rumours suggesting he might’ve boiled her remains.

While evidence remained inconclusive, the discovery of a skeleton years later, suspected to be Mrs Lloyd’s, further shrouded the castle in mystery.

Haunted Cyfarthfa Castle: Bogeymen in Merthyr Tydfil 1

Adding to the chilling accounts, a personal testimony recalls a spooky experiences of his father’s in the castle.

The writer said his grandfather had been the caretaker of Cyfarthfa Castle School during World War Two, and his young father lived there. One day, his father ran inside scared, saying he saw the “Bogeyman” in a window. Later, the young lad pointed to a portrait of William Crawshay in the museum, calling him the “Bogeyman”.

Beyond its haunted tales, Cyfarthfa Castle is a testament to the grandiosity of its era. It boasts splendid Regency rooms, temporary exhibitions, and an intricate design reminiscent of the Tudor era.

And as it prepares to undergo a £50 million renovation, announced in 2021, it continues to beckon tourists, both for its history and its haunted reputation.

Have you been to Cyfarthfa Castle? Tell us about your experience in the comments section below!

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