Haunted Bolling Hall: Exploring Its Ghostly Past

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Bolling Hall in Bradford has been the subject of ghostly tales and paranormal sightings for centuries. Guest writer JOANNA HAGUE tells us her spine-chilling experience of hunting at this fascinating location.

Bolling Hall Bradford

History of Bolling Hall, Bradford

Hidden in the centre of Bradford is one of the most amazing places, which is steeped in rich history. Bolling Hall is believed to have been built in the late 14th century, however, there is mention of a building on the site listed in the Domesday Book of 1086.

It even has a famous ghost room, where an apparition appeared at the end of the bed while a man was asleep.

As you can imagine, with a building occupying the site for hundreds of years, it is bound to have resident ghosts, right?!

The building has had several different owners throughout the years and has seen its fair share of both happiness and tragedy.

Bolling Hall was purchased by the city and made into a museum in 1912, with the intent of showcasing the history of the building.

My Experience Ghost Hunting at Bolling Hall

Bolling Hall is a place that I have been visiting since I was a little girl, and it always fascinated me. I absolutely love old buildings, especially if they have a ghost or two!

So, you can imagine how excited I was when I got the chance to go ghost hunting at this stunning home.

Saturday night came around so quickly, I arrived at Bolling Hall, the sun had set, and the trees in front of the Hall were bare, setting eerie shadows on the buildings. Filled with adrenaline, my EMF meter, and of course, my torch, I was ready to go and discover the secrets of the building.

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During the evening, I heard several knocks and bangs in answer to the questions, and the EMF meter lights were peaking. We knew we were not alone in the building.

Towards the end of the evening, I recorded some videos of the empty rooms. It was nearing 2am, and I knew I was done. I always find that the more activity I encounter, the more drained I am.

My dreams that night were very vivid; I lived at Bolling Hall. During the day, I could not get the hall out of my head, even the things on the television reminded me of the Hall. Finally, I got the chance to look at the videos. I was absolutely amazed; in one video, a beautiful orb crossed the screen.

I am sceptical when it comes to orbs; I know sometimes when dust is captured, it looks like a snow flurry of orbs. I decided to conduct a pendulum session to find out more about the orb or if something had followed me home with thoughts of the Hall still swimming in my mind.

Bolling Hall Bradford

The session gave me more information than I could have wished for. Armed in a candle-lit room with my EMF meter and my board, I began trying to communicate. It wasn’t long before the pendulum was moving, and the EMF meter was flashing.

I found out that I had brought a spirit home called Sarah. She lived in Bolling Hall in the 16th Century, and she was lonely, so she followed me.

I don’t think about Bolling Hall as much now and do believe that she was wanting to let me know she was with me.

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Both myself and my daughter hear her calling our names on a regular basis, and occasionally things will move or vanish and reappear a few days later. I am just happy that she has chosen us and that she is once again happy being in a family environment.

I will be going back to Bolling Hall and would recommend a visit to everyone, both through the day and when it is getting dark.

Have you been to Bolling Hall? Tell us about your experience in the comments section below!

JOANNA HAGUE says: “I write fiction stories and in my spare time love ghost hunting: I have dabbled in the paranormal since I was a little girl. I currently live in Yorkshire. My latest book is on Amazon: Ashfield Asylum and Other Haunted Memories.”

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