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What are the gloves with built-in lights that everyone seems to be wearing in ghost hunting shows at the moment? Well, like all hobbies and industries, the ghost hunting world has its own trends, and the latest must-have accessory is a glove with built-in torch.

Well, you’ll be pleased to hear that you can be one of the cool kids with your own pair of ghost hunting gloves, as they are cheap and available to buy right now from Amazon.

The inexpensive, comfy gloves have small but reasonably powerful LED lights built into them. Although they’ve been popular for those who partake in outdoor pursuits like fishing or hiking for a while, they’re now becoming popular with paranormal investigators.

In the most recent series of Really channel’s ‘Help! My House Is Haunted’, psychic medium Chris Fleming was often seen wearing one of the fingerless gloves. Perfect for keeping a source of light handy during an investigation, while keeping your hands free to mess around with ghost hunting gadgets.

The gloves are very lightweight, can be folded up tightly so that they take up virtually no room in a pocket or kitbag, and thanks to the elasticated fabric they’re made out of, will comfortably fit over the thumb and index finger of any size hand. They can even fit over a regular pair of gloves on cold nights.

Simply insert your thumb and index finger into the glove, wrap the strap around your wrist and secure the velcro fastener. Then press the button located on the top of your hand to turn the two built-in LED lights on or off. The silicon switch is safe to use in wet and rainy conditions.

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The lights aren’t super bright, but they provide an adequate amount of light, just enough for handling ghost hunting gadgets like EVP recorders and EMF meters. The fact the gloves are fingerless means you can still easily use your devices with your fingertips. The finger-mounted LEDs also give out enough light to allow the wearer to safely move around in the dark during an investigation at a haunted location without dazzling others.

The makers say the two CR2016 button batteries that come with the gloves will last up to 30 hours, but they can be easily replaced when needed by removing a small screw.

As well as helping you hunt spooks, these LED finger lights can be used for many other activities during night time or in the darkness such as carrying out car repairs, fishing, camping, hunting, security patrols, cycling, and home DIY tasks.

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