Files of the Unexplained on Netflix: Who was Calvin Parker?

Netflix’s new series, “Files of the Unexplained,” delves into the mysteries of our world through an eight-part documentary journey.

The inaugural episode shines a spotlight on the unsettling and renowned alien abduction claim involving Calvin Parker, who, along with Charles Hickson, became the focal point of a chilling extraterrestrial encounter narrative.

On the evening of October 11, 1973, in Pascagoula, Mississippi, Parker and Hickson experienced an event that would etch itself into UFO lore. While engaged in a quiet fishing trip, the pair encountered an unusual, oval-shaped craft adorned with blue lights, descending from the heavens.

Accompanied by an odd buzzing noise, the vessel hovered just feet above the earth.

From this mysterious craft emerged three entities, humanoid yet alien in form, each standing around five feet tall. Their faces were devoid of eyes, featuring only a narrow mouth, and their hands resembled the claws of a lobster, all moving with a mechanical gait.

Parker recounted the harrowing moment when they were seized and taken aboard the UFO, propelled towards an intense luminosity.

“These things got to us. Two got a hold of Charlie, the other got a hold of me and they turned around and they was carrying us back up inside of what I know now is a UFO, a spaceship or whatever it was and we was going toward that big bright light,” Parker later recalled.

Aboard the alien ship, Parker and Hickson underwent an invasive examination. As suddenly as it began, the ordeal ceased, and the two found themselves once again on the beach, the UFO nowhere in sight, leaving no trace of the encounter.

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Despite skepticism, Hickson asserted the truth of their account until his passing in 2011, and Parker remained steadfast in his testimony until his death in 2023.

“Files of the Unexplained” is available for streaming, offering all eight episodes on Netflix.

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