Father reports daughter’s encounter with Bigfoot in California forest

A family picnic in the woods of northern California turned into an extraordinary encounter with what is believed to be Bigfoot.

The incident, reported by a man identified only as Mark, occurred on August 2nd, 2022, near a quiet town in northern California. Mark, along with his wife and young daughter, had just bought fresh produce from a local farmer’s market before heading to a nearby forest for a relaxing picnic among the flowers.

As they were setting up lunch, Mark’s daughter ran off to explore and play among the trees. Approximately fifteen minutes later, the tranquility was shattered by a piercing scream, prompting both parents to dash toward the source, fearing the worst.

What they discovered would etch itself into their memories forever. There, sitting calmly on a tree log, was their daughter, seemingly at ease. However, next to her was a colossal, hairy figure.

“She seemed completely relaxed and content but next to her was an enormous hairy creature that was easily seven or eight feet tall even while crouching,” Mark recounted.

Describing the creature, Mark mentioned it was bipedal, covered in brown hair, and appeared to be playfully interacting with his daughter. Despite the creature’s intimidating size, the girl showed no signs of fear and did not attempt to flee.

“It’s almost like the pair were playing a game of copycat, both tilting their heads and scratching their cheeks in turn,” said Mark. He also noted that the creature emitted low, rumbling grunts, almost as if it were laughing.

When the girl finally noticed her parents, she ran over to them, and the creature, standing up to its full height, stared at the family briefly before retreating back into the forest.

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Despite several subsequent visits to the same location, neither Mark nor his wife ever encountered the creature again. This event, while lacking concrete evidence, adds another chapter to the ongoing lore of Bigfoot sightings in the region.

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