CT scan of an “alien” from Peru was carried out

A week ago, the world news “exploded” from the bodies of alleged aliens, which were shown in the Mexican Congress by local ufologist Jaime Maussan. Since then, new articles on this topic with fresh information appear every day.

As expected, most serious scientists have viewed these “aliens” with great skepticism, either directly stating that these bodies are fake, or indirectly pointing out the lack of information.

There have also been claims that the “five aliens” from Peru are actually the severely deformed remains of children. Moreover, they were deliberately deformed for the purpose of hoaxing.

And in Peru they have already stated that Maussan did not have permission to export “biological remains” from the country and that the ufologist faces criminal punishment for this.

Maussan himself categorically denies the accusation, saying he did nothing illegal. Meanwhile, Maussan’s team continues to study the bodies of “aliens”, and on Monday, September 18, a CT scan was carried out on the body of the alleged “alien woman”, who was given the name Clara.

In the lower part of her abdomen there are three strange objects and in past years it was assumed that these were eggs . Now, in addition to this, researchers say that “Clara” was once a living object of biological origin and she was pregnant.

“We have reached the abdominal cavity, where, if you look into this part, there are what look like eggs and could be eggs.

“If this body were changed posthumously (that is, if these “eggs” were placed in the body after death) , then there would be a number of changes that we would see during the study.

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“By not detecting any of these post-mortem changes, we determine that this organism was once alive, intact, biological, and pregnant,” said Dr. José de Jesús Salce Benítez.

Since this body does not show any visible wounds, it is possible that “Clara” and her “brethren” died from some as yet unidentified internal causes. But this is purely an assumption by the author of these lines, and not a conclusion from researchers.

The researchers mentioned that they do not have definitive evidence that these mummies are an extraterrestrial life form, but they believe that these creatures are “not related to any known terrestrial species.”

The CT scan was performed by technicians and project scientists at the Nur Clinic in Huixquilucan, Mexico.

Responding to skeptics that the “alien mummies” were likely composed of body parts from different animals, experts said the scans did not reveal any glue fragments, fractures or other signs of deliberate joining of different parts.

“This cannot be the attachment of a skull of one species attached to the body of another species, because then traces of manipulation of this skull would be visible, scratches, fractures, joints of the connection. This is not the case here. There is a perfect connection between the skull and the neck,” says Dr. José de Jesús Salce Benítez.

It is stated that the unusual necks, elongated skulls, light but strong bones, and the absence of teeth show characteristics “typical of birds.”

These also include reproduction by eggs. The researchers indicated that the creatures had strange joints
that were not human-like and apparently had much less mobility.

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But most of all they are confused by the presence of “implants” made of osmium and cadmium in the chest, and osmium is one of the most scarce elements in the earth’s crust and is considered the rarest precious metal.

The researchers said the purpose of the “implants” was unclear to them because they did not serve any function of holding body parts together.

In the end, experts in the field of tomography and radiography indicated that the “non-human body” requires further scientific study, since there are “regions” in it that cannot be explained. Therefore, they invite more diverse specialists to join them.

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