Black Knight satellite started taking a closer look at us

I have been fascinated for years by the fact that an alleged alien satellite has been orbiting earth for thousands of years.

Whether there is some truth in it, or if it is all just a load of old tosh,  I still find it interesting, so this video grabbed my immediate attention.

The alien satellite which is said to have been orbiting Earth for the last 12,600 years has apparently been filmed hovering just above the surface of our planet, according to UFO conspiracy nuts.

The video footage shows the Black Knight satellite hovering in the sky above Florida.

The video was posted under the title ‘Mysterious Black Knight Satellite Is REAL! Alien Coverup Uncovered’ on the YouTube channel Secureteam10.

The footage is said to have been shot over Jacksonville, Florida. It shows a black object, which does resemble the shape of the mythical satellite, in a static position with three smaller objects flying away from it. It then disappears.

Its mentioned in the video that a women who lives in the area sent the footage to Secureteam after she filmed it, thinking it was a kite, before realising it wasn’t.

Mr Glockner said on the video “This craft looks mysteriously similar to the ‘Black Knight Satellite’ which is also believed to have been caught in a set of 1998 NASA images.

“It is of extraterrestrial origin and is orbiting us right now in near-Earth polar orbit.

“The resemblance of the ‘Black Knight’ to the craft that was recorded over Jacksonville begs the question that the Black Knight is not only real, but has the ability of coming out of its Earth orbit to visit us down here on the surface for an unknown purpose.”

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Another photo of the mystery satellite
Another photo of the mysterious satellite

The legend of the Black Knight satellite stems back to the year 1899 when Nicola Tesla announced that he was picking up radio waves coming from space, promoting people to think that something alien was out there.

Experiments were done in 1928 in Oslo, Norway, and the same signals were picked up.

In 1954 its said that Donald Keyhoe who was a retired aviation major and UFO researcher claimed that the US Air Force had detected two satellites orbiting Earth, despite no satellites being launched yet.

In 1960, its said that the US Navy detected a dark object, possibly a Soviet spy satellite in a highly irregular orbit.

Then in 1963, NASA astronaut Gordon Cooper reportedly said that he had seen the Black Knight satellite while he was in space, but there was a media blackout when he returned to Earth and the US space agency put it down to cosmic hallucinations.

A decade later in 1973, researcher Duncan Lunan from Scotland, looked back at the Norwegian scientists data from 1928 and claimed the radio messages that were received was from a satellite that was sent by aliens from Epsilon Boötis, it was a star map and was sent as a welcome message to Earth some 12,600 years ago.

Many sceptics have said the whole thing is a fairytale, but the radio signals picked up in 1899 and 1928 still remain a mystery.

Its said that Gordon Cooper did claim that he saw a number of UFO’s in space but he never claimed to have seen the Black Knight satellite on any of his missions to space.

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Also Duncan Lunan later denied that he suggested that an alien satellite had been circling the earth for 12,600 years and that his conclusion that the radio messages were of a star map were from unscientific methods.

Here is the video. what do you think, genuine footage or CGI trickery?


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