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Pepsi (yes the drink company) have created a short film about the Black Knight Satellite.

Called “Black Knight Decoded”, the film follows the journey of a father and daughter on their quest to decoded the mystery signals from the Black Knight Satellite.

Relying on support from communities around the world, the trio are in a race against time to decode the signals and respond before the government attempts to shut them down.

A Pepsi Production in association with Levity Entertainment Group the film includes footage shot from outer space using the UrtheCast camera mounted on the International Space Station

I have no idea why Pepsi decided to create this short film, apart from advertisement reasons, maybe they are into UFO’s… who knows!

If you have never heard of the Black Knight Satellite, it is an alleged alien satellite which is said to have been orbiting Earth for the last 12,600 years. This is the wiki page

Check out the video.


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