Archaeologists find mysterious giant axes 300,000 years old

Unique artifacts found by archaeologists on a hillside in Kent have surprised researchers and sparked an interesting discussion about the function and origin of these ancient objects. The find includes two huge hand axes that were made about 300,000 years ago, during the Ice Age, reports Science Alert.

One of the axes has an unusual size – about 14 in long, which makes it much larger than the typical tools found in archaeological finds from this period. This caused bewilderment among the experts, who could not unequivocally determine the purpose of such bulky weapons.

Typically, axes of this design were used for skinning animals. However, due to their huge size, it would be very difficult to hold in hands, let alone perform any practical tasks. Experts speculate that these items may have had a more symbolic purpose and served as a clear demonstration of strength and skill.

University of California senior archaeologist Letty Ingri notes: “Perhaps these axes served a less practical or more symbolic function compared to other tools of the time.”

This opinion is supported by the lack of obvious signs of use on the objects, indicating their possible symbolic significance.

However, answers to these questions can be found during further excavations at this unique archaeological site. The researchers hope that additional finds will help unravel the mystery of the origin and use of these giant axes.

Ingri emphasizes: “Right now we are not sure what exactly these huge tools were made for or by whom they were created.”

Another intriguing possibility is that these axes were made or used by unusually large humans who lived in that region during the Ice Age. There is some evidence that suggests that human giants may have existed in ancient times, such as the biblical accounts of the Nephilim and the Anakim, or the legends of the Cyclops and the Titans in Greek mythology.

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Perhaps these axes were tools or weapons for these extraordinary beings, who could wield them with ease and efficiency. If so, this would be a remarkable discovery that would challenge our understanding of human evolution and history.

This archaeological site offers a unique chance to find answers to these exciting questions that could expand our knowledge of early humans and their technological capabilities.

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