aliens may be using other dimensions to visit us

From the award-winning director of ‘God vs. Aliens,’ a popular movie on Tubi in the US, comes a new documentary exploring the otherworldly aspects of UFOs. The documentary ‘God vs. UFOs’ delves into the potential links between UFOs and the paranormal, while also investigating whether science, particularly the enigmatic realm of quantum physics, can provide explanations for these phenomena.

It also looks at the religious and spiritual side of UFOs with many in the British and US Governments sincerely believing that UFOS are demonic or satanic in origin.

It also looks into Project Blue Beam which is a conspiracy theory alleging that the deep state or Illuminati are planning to use cutting edge holographic technology to create a false flag Alien Invasion or a fake flag second coming of Christ. The aim is put populations into fear and to usher in a One World Government.

Nick Pope who worked for the UK’s Ufo desk at the Ministry Of Defence states: “the idea that through a combination of maybe holographic projection technology, Hollywood special effects and government or deep state spin and manipulation, you could create a false narrative a false flag alien invasion or a false flag second coming.

“And what this would then do, it would rather like some people say, well, 9-11 led to the introduction of the Patriot Act and the big state, deep state coming in and maybe taking some rights and freedoms, then use it to manipulate populations and the new world order takes over.”

The film also looks at whether UFOs could be some of the inter-dimensional crafts or beings that humanity has been interacting with since time began. This could account for fairies and earth spirits that ancient cultures saw or even the biblical Angles and Demons. Maybe science could explain this?

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Prof Avi Loeb from Harvard University states that alien life might be using other dimensions to visit us which would explain how they are able to travel such vast distances across the universe.

“One thing is clear that most stars form billions of years before the sun. So if another civilization like ours existed billions of years ago, they had much more time to develop their science and technology.

“And it is possible that they would be able to figure out if there are extra special dimensions and take advantage of them. Using quantum gravity engineers.

“And what that means is that, you know, if their technology is able to reach our doorstep, we would be at all because it would represent something we don’t possess, we don’t understand, just like a cave dweller coming to a city like London or New York, and seeing all the technological gadgets there.

“There would be a sense of religious awe and we won’t fully understand what we are looking at, especially if one is dealing with the effects of quantum gravity that we have no clue about.”

He adds that alien life in other dimensions would be far richer and more diverse: “And then one can imagine life in more than three spatial dimensions, it will be far more diverse and interesting in the sense that when you drive a highway in extra dimensions, the chance of a collisions is much smaller.

“And there are many more opportunities for degrees of freedom of exercising your free will if we have it. And altogether I would expect life to be much richer.”

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Evelyn Hollow a parapsychologist looks a Quantum physics and whether this can explain ghosts and UFOs:

“How do particles blip in and out of existence? But we know that they do. So is it possible that you had enough of these particles together or something else that’s governed by the same principles has the same components? Can it also blip in and out of existence?”

The film also looks at those who have claimed to have manifested the appearance of UFOS simply by using their own minds. It’s called Close Encounters of the 5th Kind.

John Hanson a retired CID detective and now owner of The Great British UFO Learning Centre states that he and a group of friends actually manifested Orb like UFOs whilst meditation in Rendelsham Forest which was actually the site of one of the most famous UK UFO landings back in 1980.

Filmmakers also speak with renowned Demonologist Ian Broadmore who worked alongside Rev Paul Ingolsby on Admiral Lord Hill Norton’s report into UFOs which stated that they were demonic in origin.

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