After being struck by lightning, a woman has not eaten for 50 years

A woman from Quang Binh province, Vietnam, has piqued curiosity with her claim of not consuming any food for over 50 years, solely subsisting on water. However, this assertion remains unverified, solely reliant on her testimony without any corroborating evidence.

The woman at the center of this narrative is Mrs. Bui Thi Loi, born in 1948, residing in Loc Ninh commune, Dong Hoi city, Quang Binh province. Mrs. Loi, a caretaker at the local martyrs’ cemetery, actively engaged in the youth volunteer movement and was involved in rescuing soldiers.

In 1963, while aiding wounded soldiers on a mountain alongside her team, Mrs. Loi was struck by lightning, losing consciousness in the process.

As per Mrs. Bui Thi Loi’s account, following the lightning strike, she ceased feeling hunger and lost the desire to eat. Concerned about her well-being, her companions prepared sugar water for her consumption.

According to local news website, Over the years, Mrs. Loi’s eating patterns became irregular as she experienced no hunger, primarily subsisting on fruits. From 1970 onward, she scarcely consumed any food, relying solely on water.

Photo: Tran Anh

Mrs. Loi expressed her puzzlement at her condition, noting a lack of hunger, aversion to food odors, and occasional nausea ever since the lightning incident, spanning over 50 years.

This lack of eating caused difficulties during childbirth as she had no milk and had to seek it from others. Despite cooking daily for her children, she refrained from eating herself, especially after her children moved away for work, discontinuing her cooking altogether.

Many individuals intrigued by Mrs. Loi’s account visited her home. With her children gone, her kitchen lay unused, covered in dust, and her gas stove remained untouched. Her refrigerator contained only bottled water and soft drinks, devoid of any food.

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Mrs. Loi disclosed her dependence on a monthly subsidy of approximately 1.3 million VND, primarily allocated for purchasing water, with the surplus directed toward charitable causes. Despite abstaining from food and relying solely on water, she claimed good health and an absence of any illnesses.

Mr. Tran Van Thanh, Vice Chairman of Loc Ninh Commune People’s Committee, expressed skepticism about confirming Mrs. Loi’s dietary habits. The story remains rooted in hearsay without substantiation or verification.

Local authorities observed only bottles of water during their visits to Mrs. Loi’s residence, noting the apparent disuse of her kitchen.

Doctors from the Department of Nutrition at the Vietnam-Cuba Dong Hoi Friendship Hospital acknowledged the prevalence of stories on social media about individuals abstaining from food yet maintaining good health. However, verifying or elucidating the cause behind such claims poses significant challenges.

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