A new UFO Tracking App

Enigma Labs is bringing a UFO tracking app to phones in order to make it easier to report sightings and remove the stigma of admitting to an alien encounter.

People have been seeing unidentified flying objects for as long as we have recorded time, from hieroglyphs depicting them in Ancient Egypt to the stories of Roswell, New Mexico. While some stigma goes along with reporting that you have had what many people believe is an alien encounter, one company is looking to change that stigma and make reporting these UFO sightings much more straightforward. According to Wired Magazine, A startup company has created an app to turn UFO sightings into data science.

Enigma Labs, a tech startup out of Brooklyn, New York, has created a mobile app designed for people to report any sightings so the data can be used to track them around the globe. The company is attempting to rebrand the reputation of UFO sightings by calling them unidentified anomalous phenomena, stating that just because it is unexplainable doesn’t mean it is alien in nature. They believe that only by cooperating and communicating with each other throughout the world in a non-judgemental manner can we get answers.

The concept of UFO sightings can be traced as far back as seeing flying objects depicted on the inner walls of the pyramids in Egypt. The idea that even back then, people were seeing unidentified flying objects in the sky lends credibility to people who believed they were instrumental in ancient culture’s inexplicable engineering feats. They have also gone as far as believing that the gods they worshipped were simply alien beings who, with advanced technology, seemed like gods.

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Fast forward thousands of years, and you see a phenomenon develop in the more modern world that is either a product of paranoia and fear of the unknown, groupthink, or the very real existence of aliens. While UFO sightings were nothing new, following the mysterious events in Roswell, New Mexico, in the 50s and the advancement of the Area 51 theories, aliens have been all the rage. However, reporting that you have seen a UFO is similar to telling people you have communed with the dead or inexplicably time-traveled in the Bermuda triangle; many people dismiss you as a bit off your rocker.

This is where Enigma Labs comes in with their mobile app, looking to remove that stigma from the UFO sighting and replace it with actual scientific study. Even if someone doesn’t believe that what they saw was a genuine visitor from another planet, unidentified anomalous phenomena are something too many people in the world experience without explanation. The app asks precise questions following the old investigative structure of who, what, where, and when, hoping they can discover the why.

Enigma Labs claims to be three things on its website; the first is that they are neutral and open to working with anyone without judgment. The second is that they are global, available for anyone in the world who is experiencing unidentified anomalous phenomena. And finally, they are professional, looking to treat everyone with openness and belief.

Not only is this the first step in studying phenomena as old as humans themselves, but datamining UFO sightings could lead to the prediction of where we can see them again. Maybe a future feature of the mobile app will be a selfie with an otherworldly being.

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