A fleet of UFO’s over Florida shock witnesses

This video of a fleet of UFO’s over Labelle in Florida was captured by Cary Longchamps who uploaded it onto his YouTube channel Anomalous Films

You can hear in the video that those that were witnessing the event sounded shocked as to what they are watching.

Cary wrote in his description:  “This past weekend we were out in Labelle Florida and saw these lights in the sky. It almost looked as if they were flying in formation.

The first three were in a triangle and the others followed in a straight line.

As per usual I ran out of space on my phone while recording video.

By the time I was able to delete some stuff off my phone they were gone.

Do you think these are UFO’s or just some kind of anomaly? Someone said they might be Chinese lanterns? Hard to tell”

What do you think? Genuine UFO’s, Chinese lanterns? planes?


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