75% Of Those Who Believe In The Paranormal Think Demons Exist

A recent survey we conducted here at has unveiled intriguing beliefs among its readership concerning ghosts, hauntings, and even the existence of demons. Most strikingly, the survey results revealed that 75% of those who expressed belief in ghosts also endorsed the belief in negative entities or demons.

This online survey was undertaken by 816 individuals and, as expected due to the nature of the website, the results are skewed towards those with a pre-existing belief in the paranormal. As the survey remains active and open for sharing to invite wider participation, the figures might fluctuate, and further evaluation may be undertaken in the future.

The survey began by asking participants, “Do you believe in ghosts?” and 74% of the respondents answered in the affirmative. Of these ghost-believing individuals, a vast majority also stated that they believe in the existence of negative entities or demons. Interestingly, more than half of these respondents further stated that these entities are capable of possessing individuals, and an overwhelming 69% expressed their belief that these entities can cause harm to the living.

Diving deeper into the data, 70% of respondents claimed to have had a personal experience with a ghost or haunting. In addition, 80% endorsed the belief that certain places can be haunted, with 50% stating that they have lived in a home they considered haunted.

When it comes to the nature of ghosts, 52% believe that they are the spirits of the dead, while 38% feel that ghosts or hauntings can be explained by natural or scientific causes. Interestingly, despite the popular fear around hauntings, only 48% of respondents over-all felt that ghosts could potentially harm the living.

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Participants were also queried about their involvement in ghost hunting or investigations, with 56% sharing that they have participated in such an event. The effectiveness of ghost hunting equipment was a topic of interest as well, with a slight majority (51%) believing that devices such as EMF meters and EVP recorders can indeed detect the presence of ghosts.

Furthermore, the survey touched upon the topic of regulation and professional certification in the field of ghost hunting and paranormal investigations. Here, the readership was divided, with 33% supporting regulation and 36% opposing it.

The belief in negative entities or demons, a striking highlight of this survey, brought forth interesting insights. While 59% of respondents expressed belief in such entities, only 28% claimed to have had a personal encounter with them. Reflecting the inherent fears surrounding the topic, 58% of respondents felt that negative entities or demons could be harmful to the living.

The results of this survey shed light on a fascinating aspect of popular belief systems, particularly within the realm of the paranormal. It’s clear that for many, the existence of otherworldly entities, be they spirits of the deceased or malevolent demons, forms an integral part of their understanding of the world. This survey provides a glimpse into these beliefs, but it is worth remembering that this is an ongoing study. As more people participate, the results might shift, further enriching our understanding of beliefs in the paranormal.

For those curious about the complete results of the survey, they are available in full below.

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