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The holiday season is about enjoying time with friends, family, and loved ones. Unfortunately, not all our friends, family, and loved ones are still with us. There is, however, still a way to communicate with the non-living. Whether you want to wish someone a very happy holiday or ask a pressing question that remains unanswered, here are three ways to communicate with your deceased loved ones this holiday season. 

  1. Seances

One of the most popular ways to communicate with the dead is through a seance. Seances are meetings in which a group of people attempt to communicate with the dead, typically through a medium with seance experience or psychic abilities. While seances are customizable, there are a few historical tips and tricks dating back to the mid-1800s that increase your chances of summoning a spirit. Remember, seances can be dangerous and if the spirit refuses to be summoned, stop all summoning attempts.

The most important element in a seance is the medium through which the spirit will communicate with you. Fearful and inexperienced mediums can ruin the seance, so be sure to find an expert. Once the medium is established, turn off all worldly distractions, including lights, televisions, radios, and cell phones. Set up chairs and a rounded table, place three candles in the center of the table and light them, and offer the spirit sustenance. The more aromatic the food, the more likely it is to gain the spirit’s attention. Soup and baked bread are good options. 

Next, join hands around the table and chant a message in union that indicates you want to speak with the spirit. Be sure to include the spirit’s name. Listen for a response. Responses can be varied but pay attention specifically for knocks or moving objects. If the spirit answers, the medium can begin to ask questions. You’re more likely to receive a response if you ask the spirit simple yes-or-no questions and indicate that the spirit should tap once for yes or twice for no. In certain circumstances, the spirit will communicate through the medium, in which case the seance participants can ask open-ended questions. 

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Spirits are unpredictable, and seances can quickly get out of control. This is why it is so important to include an expert in every seance. If the spirit becomes aggressive, end the seance immediately by breaking hands, blowing out the candles, and turning on all lights, televisions, radios, or cell phones – the more distractions the better. 

  1. Ouija Boards

Another popular, but negatively-depicted way to communicate with the deceased is through Ouija boards or Fuji writing. The Ouija board developed from Chinese Fuji, or planchette, writing. In the Chinese tradition, three people attempt to communicate with a spirit. Two people hold a wooden stylus over sand, and one of them gets possessed by a spirit. Through the possessed person, the spirit writes Chinese symbols in the sand. The third person interprets those symbols, asking the spirit questions and recording the spirit’s responses.

The Ouija board is more complicated but offers more accurate results. Similar to seances, the proper Ouija board experience requires at least two people, one of which is the designated medium. The medium should have paranormal experience or psychic abilities. The atmosphere is very important, so turn off all distractions, including lights, televisions, radios, and cell phones. Light three candles and place them on the floor. When using a Ouija board, do not use a table. 

Sit across from one other person with your knees touching and the Ouija board on both of your laps. It is best if one person is male and the other is female, but it might work regardless. If there are more than two people, the remaining group can sit around the two with the Ouija board. Place the planchette, or Ouija board pointer, on the board and move in it a circular fashion a few times to activate the spiritual realm. Do not ask the spirit to prove him or herself via physical activity. This is very important. Seances are different, and asking for physical activity during a Ouija board session can be dangerous. 

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Begin by asking the spirit a simple yes-or-no question. The planchette will move toward yes or no on the Ouija board if the spirit is present. Be patient if the spirit is not present. Do not get frustrated or angry during the Ouija board session, as it could upset the spirit. When the spirit does respond, thank it for being present. 

Do not believe everything the Ouija board tells you. It is notorious for not always telling the truth. Spirits can be dishonest, so don’t ask serious questions about death or the future. As always, if the spirit starts to get aggressive, end the Ouija board session. To end the session, move the planchette to “Goodbye” on the Ouija board. Remove your hands, and the spirit will disappear. 

  1. Dream Visits

For anyone experiencing deep grief over the loss of a loved one, dream visits can be a very satisfying experience. Seances and Ouija boards do not allow the participants to physically see, hear, or touch the spirit, but dream visits do. Dream visits require you to be your own medium, so ensure that you are emotionally ready for such an experience.

A dream visit could take a long time to conjure, but be persistent. The spirit needs consistency to know when to visit. Each week, speak to the spirit and invite him or her to your dream. Say, “This Friday, I’m inviting you for a dream visit.” On Friday, remind the spirit, “Remember, tonight is our dream visit. Please, come.” If the day of the dream visit is particularly stressful or difficult, cancel the visit. You should have a positive mental attitude on the day of the dream visit.

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Before going to bed, turn off all distractions, similar to the seance and Ouija board session. Light a few candles, offer the spirit food and water, and place a picture of and personal item belonging to your intended dream visitor. Be sure to fall asleep thinking about the spirit and your upcoming dream visit. If the dream visit happens, congratulations! If not, try again the next week. Repeat the process until it does happen.

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