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Hello everyone, welcome to the Paranormal Globe blog.

I’ve had an interest and fascination in all things paranormal for many years now, as far back as being a kid to be honest.  Whenever I hear a story about ghosts or ufo’s or any other strange sightings or happenings whether its on TV, in the newspaper or just someone telling me, it instantly grabs my attention.  I also watch many TV shows like Fact or Faked, Ghost Adventures, Destination truth etc.  I’m yet to see a ghost with my very own eyes, but I think I did spot a UFO many years ago but did i actually see an alien spacecraft or was it just a plane …….who knows!

I’ve decided to set up this blog to share any paranormal news stories from anywhere around the world.  I may even share some older mysterious stories from past years which I think are interesting.

So then, I best get cracking.


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