Signs of extraterrestrial activity found in Tutankhamun’s tomb!

Signs of “extraterrestrial activity” has been discovered in Tutankhamun’s tomb according to the Antiquities Ministry of Egypt. The announcement was made on Friday by the Ministry after radar scans were taken of the tomb.

This recent discovery disproves the theories that Queen Nefertiti’s tomb is hidden behind Tutankhamun’s tomb according to french archaeologist Avril Sap.

Researchers have said that the walls of the tomb possess “deep secrets” of something not of this world, suggesting to extraterrestrial activity.

Avril Sap is reported to have said that the radar scans of the tomb uncovered a weird and extraterrestrial material resembling a body. Although neither Avril nor the Antiquities Ministry have confirmed that they have found an alien body.

“We don’t know what there is, but we’ve never seen results like this before,” said Sap. “Whatever is inside there could hold the secret to everything behind Ancient Egyptian history and technology.”

The Antiquities Ministry are continuing with the radar scans to find a way into the hidden chamber.

“We want to take several rigorous scientific steps. In early May we will open an international debate over the results,” said Antiquities Minister Khaled al-Anani, in a press conference.

There are many theories that the pyramids were built by aliens or that ancient Egyptians were helped by aliens to build them.

Eric Von Daniken and many other ancient astronaut theorists have spent their life researching, writing books and appearing on TV shows to try to prove this.  Who knows they may be proved right!


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